Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Commission Painting Blooms

Happy Tuesday!  Since it's after Christmas now, I can finally share photos of my recent commissioned painting!  Earlier this month, I posted a tiny sneak peak of the beginnings of this project.  A dear friend of mine wanted an abstract sunflower painting (my favorite flower!) to give to her sister as a gift. 

I was so excited to have the opportunity to paint something I love knowing that it would give someone else the same joy.  The feeling of having one of my paintings in someone else's home or workplace is just so exciting to me!  

This painting is 2.5 feet wide by 3 feet tall, making it the largest painting I've done since my senior exhibition (read more about that here!) which is a great size to fill a wall with lots of color (and it's still fairly portable, too).  Working on a larger scale definitely has it's advantages as I am able to add more variety of brushstrokes and textures to the surface.  

This painting started out in acrylic paint and was finished in oil paint.  I was asked to include some metallic color too, which was definitely a fun addition (I mainly used a copper color which highlighted the sunflower's glow most effectively).  The background is full of painted texture of different purple shades.  I haven't painted with purple in a while either, which added to the fun for me! 

I love having new challenges, projects, and the opportunity to work with sweet customers to create a lively, colorful painting just for them!  I'm so thankful to have had this opportunity and support for my artwork!  Here's a close-up image for some additional details :) 

Feel free to contact me with your own commission ideas and projects! :)

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