Thursday, July 31, 2014

blooming on natural surfaces

This summer I have been enjoying doing small paintings on wooden slabs cut from stumps. These natural surfaces help add to the texture that I always try to include in my art and I just love the bark that still remains on the back of each painting! I can't wait to find new homes for these and get started on some new ones as well :)

"Grow" is an 6.5in x 7in oil painting and is $25

"Bloom" is a 5in x 6.5in oil painting and is $20

Happy almost Friday y'all! :) 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

pink blooms of summer

"Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink." What a perfect quote for these charming, pink flowers which have been brightening my summer! Summertime flowers are by far my favorite, and these are just a few lovely inspirations for future paintings! I love that I can find new inspirations for my art just by taking a stroll down main street, my neighborhood or a hike through the woods...all it takes is a little bit of sunshine :)

mini blooms

Painting on a large scale is by far my favorite way to work. Mini paintings, however, are always a great way to get some creative energy out when I want to finish in the same evening, or when I am unable to paint in a regular studio where I am free to make a mess (because let's face it, I am one messy painter!)

My latest minis are 4in x 4in oil paintings and tend to have lots of textures and bright colors! They also have a ribbon for easy hanging. These four minis are $10 each.

"dream" is also a mini oil painting, however, slightly larger at 5in x 5in and is $12. 

Remember to always find time to enjoy the little things in life! :) 

Monday, July 28, 2014

mixed media blooms

These paintings are so much fun to create and, they are ready for new homes! Using photo transfers from personal garden photos, pages from old books, pencil markings, and brightly colored oil paint allow me to get back into mixed media mode of creating art (and I just love it so much). Each painting surface is hand stretched and primed canvas covering wood with a picture hanger on the back.

"Be Always Blooming" is 2in x 33in and includes bright blues, greens, yellows and neutral colors. $30

"Do Everything in Love" is 2.5in x 36in and includes bright pinks, yellows, greens, and neutral colors. $40

"Art Colors Life" is 3.5in x 36in and includes bright reds, blues, yellows and neutral colors. $50

Anyone interested in purchasing one of these unique paintings can feel free to contact me via blog, email, or facebook! Thanks y'all :) 

ready to bloom

Painting and flowers, two of my most favorite things in life.  Flowers, bees, gardens, all things nature have special meaning in my life and I've found it most relaxing and encouraging to share those things 
through fun abstract paintings.

Incorporating these flower shapes and other aspects of the natural world help structure my abstract art and communicate something near to my heart.  This relationship with nature, specifically flowers, began in childhood as I learned to garden with my grandfather.  My mother and I always found pleasure in photographing fields of flowers as well, for as long as I can remember.  These sweet memories of flowers, people, and more have captured a piece of my soul and always motivate me.  As a painter, I enjoy creating my own abstract gardens on the canvas in order to communicate vivacity and continual growth.   

I am excited to be sharing my artwork through this new blogging journey! It is important to me to share things that inspire me, my creative processes, and paintings which are ready to find and brighten new homes! Thanks for sharing this new adventure with me :)