Thursday, August 20, 2015

Art Resource!

*This post is especially for artists, makers, creatives, and small business owners* :) 

I wanted to share with you this great art resource I developed and am now offering in my etsy shop

While brainstorming new ideas for growing my small art business, I realized that I really need a way to focus in on both the small, everyday tasks as well as bigger picture tasks of running a small business. 

A weekly calendar seemed like the perfect amount of time to see an overview of what needs to happen without making myself too overwhelmed. This printable calendar format is easy to use, as you can write notes in each grid (ie. who to email, what social media platforms to post to and when, what supplies you need, etc.) or just simply check off the box stating that you did that task for the day! (P.S. Sunday isn't included in the calendar as that is a great day to relax and spend time with loved ones. :) ) 

The weekly tasks I included are art projects/products to develop and work on, blog post (so that hopefully I can use my blog more and share with you guys!) as well as a space to choose a Bible verse or a quote that I want to focus on for the week. 

I like to pray over my business to keep myself in check and remind myself that God is the ultimate artist. What a blessing it is to be able to create! The book, 31 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and Doer, is most inspiring to me currently and I would highly recommend the book as well as spending a little extra time each day in prayer for your sweet businesses! 

Here's a picture of the calendar up on my computer screen (when you purchase the calendar, it will be available as an instant download pdf so that you can begin use and print as soon as you buy! 

This is a shorter post than usual, but this resource is too good not to share! I hope you all enjoy :) 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy Summer!

Hello friends! I hope everyone's summer is going well! Summer is my favorite season, and mine has been filled with so much joy, fun, and challenges too. 

As many of you know, I'm in the midst of planning our fall wedding (two and a half months left to go!) which involves so many little details that tend to get a little overwhelming sometimes. However, it's super fun and something I've dreamed of for a very long time. I've done lots of shopping. Spent lots of time with my sweet bridesmaids, wonderful family, and amazing fiance. I've had to make lots of decisions (the overwhelming part!) And I've gotten to start lots of DIY projects and even some wedding paintings-my favorite! 

(Save the Date photos are courtesy of my talented mom!)

On top of wedding planning, I've been working this summer teaching a classroom full of awesome rising fourth graders at the Boys and Girls Club. This is my fourth summer at the B&G Club and thankfully I have the most-well behaved and sweetest kids ever this year. Though challenging and hectic at times, these kids teach me more than I could imagine and brighten each day of mine in new and unexpected ways.

I do make a great effort (as much as possible) to keep up with my art and run my small business throughout this busy season of life in hopes of reaching and inspiring more people through colorful paintings. 

Lately, I've been especially inspired by my classroom of children and the growth and nature that surrounds us during these long, sweet summer months. Therefore, I'm currently in the process of launching some fun new summer prints in my etsy shop

These new prints are a mixture of florals and some new mixed-media, abstract paintings which are especially inspired by my students.  There's a new set of notecards as well which happen to be my personal favorite set of notecards yet! 

Many new dreams, ideas, projects and plans are in the makings for the upcoming months in my artistic journey and business. I'm now offering wholesale products for gift shops and boutiques and I'll be sharing some exciting gallery news so soon! If anyone knows of any shops, etc that would be a perfect home for my art and products please feel free to let me know!

As always, everyone's support is greatly appreciated. Sharing my art and inspiration with the world fills my heart with so much joy and that's not possible without all of you! 

(Photo taken of my most recent trip to my local print shop :) Always a happy day!)

Blessings to all! XO

Friday, June 12, 2015

Website Launch!

Hello blogging world! I realize I haven't written a post in a while, however, I have been so busy building and designing my new official art website (and wedding planning too of course)! 

My new website,, is where you will find new paintings for sale, more information about me and my artistic processes, contact information, and more! 

So much love went into the making of this website so I hope you all will enjoy! Having a website should have happened when I first started this artistic journey after college graduation in December, however, putting together a website is more involved than I had first thought. This process has most definitely turned into a great personal learning opportunity.

New painting series have been added to the portfolio section of my website as well which will be updated often with new pieces of work. 

I'm looking forward to hearing feedback about my website and making connections with you all so please feel free to contact me! 

A special thank you to my super talented mom, Carla Joy, for the excellent photography for my website! 

And a thank you to everyone for their sweet support!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring has Sprung!

Hi there! Happy spring y'all! :) This spring has been totally exciting and super busy for me so far. As many of you may have heard or seen, I am now engaged to the love of my life!! He proposed on Good Friday at Brevard College where we met a few years ago. Originally, he had asked me if we could have an Easter photo shoot just for fun which ended up turning into a proposal so we could have pictures of our special moment. How sweet is that?! :) 

It's been a little over a week now since my fiance (yay!) proposed and I am still just simply amazed. God has brought us together in such an incredible way and I couldn't be more thankful. 

Wedding planning is already underway, which is something I've totally dreamed of for the longest time now (of course, weddings are a crafting dream!) I can't wait to share some more updates soon.  

In the mean time, I also wanted to share some of my newest art prints in my etsy shop as well! 

I am getting lots more paintings and prints ready not only for my etsy shop, but also for the upcoming Vintage Hendo event on May 16! I will have a booth there full of prints and original paintings galore! This will be the perfect chance for locals to shop my art in person :) Check out the facebook page for more info! 

I hope you all have a lovely week! Check back soon for more updates :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Ribbon Blog Tour!

Today, I am incredibly honored and excited to be a part of the 
Going Home to Roost Ribbon Blog Tour!  
This blog tour celebrates Bonnie Christine's new ribbon line with the incredible 
The tour started the beginning of this week and will be going on for two more weeks.
It includes 18 different bloggers with 18 lovely ribbon projects! 

If you've never heard of the Going Home to Roost blog or the amazing sweet Bonnie Christine
I highly recommend hopping over to her blog to get to know her more.  
I have been a fan of hers for a long time now, she's such an inspiration!  
Here's a short bio for you to enjoy:

"Bonnie Christine is a surface pattern designer, mother hen of the Roost Tribe and author of Going Home to Roost - a blog dedicated to living an extraordinarily creative life. She is inspired by the great outdoors and is passionate about sharing what she knows and creating community around creativity."

I was so elated to receive four lovely patterns of Bonnie's beautiful ribbons 
as well as two patterns of her stunning fabrics.  
All the patterns work aesthetically together so perfectly, creating a dreamy dream catcher! 
(Read this earlier blog post of mine if you're interested in more dream catcher fun.)

To create your own Bonnie Christine inspired dream catchers, you will need: 

-Renaissance Ribbons of your choice 
-Bonnie Christine fabrics (cut into strips)
-Embroidery hoop
-Crocheted doily 
-Extras (optional): beads, feathers, lace, yarn, jewelry bits, etc.
-Hot glue gun

First, hot glue the doily around and secure it between the two parts of the embroidery hoop.   

Next, begin wrapping the fabric strips and ribbons through the loops of the doily 
and around the hoop using hot glue to tack it in place in a few areas. 

Continue all the way around the hoop! 

Next, use the hot glue gun to add more fun ribbons, fabric strips, lace, etc. 
to the bottom third of your dream catcher. Anything goes in this step, let your creativity flow!  
I decided to add painted paper beads and jute cord to the beautiful fabrics and lace.  
The little white flowers with dainty pink beads added just the right sparkle around the hoop.

Creating these textural, vibrant, mixed media dream catchers is definitely one of my favorite crafts.  Hopefully, you are feeling inspired to create your own!  
Post pictures and share to my page, I love seeing everyone's creations! 

Once again, I am so thankful to be able to share these beautiful Bonnie Christine Ribbons.
  And let me tell you, the patterns and colors are even more spectacular in person!  

After you're done exploring my blog and Going Home to Roost, 
check out yesterday's ribbon blog post by "Smiles too Loudly" too.  
And stay tuned for Monday's exciting post (Radiant Home Studio!)!!

I think this dream catcher goes perfectly with one of my favorite paintings, too...
check it out and much more in my etsy shop!  
Happy Friday Y'all, and Happy Spring :) 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ready for Spring!

Hello everyone! It's time for some updates I'd say...the past month has definitely been very exciting for my small business! 

The month of February brought a lot of snow fall to NC causing me to unfortunately miss some days of tutoring and teaching.  That unexpected time off from work, however, brought the blessing of being able to update my etsy shop, do some more painting, make some new connections and sales, and design a new logo! 

For those of you who don't know, I've grown up with the nickname "Bee" from my family and closest friends. Although I'm rather allergic to bees, I've always enjoyed collecting bee things and they've just kind of "buzzed" their way into my life :)  Bees are also the most perfect combination to add to my love of flowers and painting flowers, so the name just fits! Let me know what you all think of the new logo, I'm excited to slowly but surely begin using it more in my business endeavors. 

In case you haven't seen the newest paintings and items up for sale in my Etsy shop, here's a look at them all! The snow days were good to me as they inspired me to look forward to the beautiful spring days that I'm sure are on their way! 

(This has become one of my personal favorites!)

And a fun new set of greeting cards

I was also able to spend some time writing my about me page on Etsy.  I believe it's very important for buyers to be able to know the artist they are purchasing from.  Good connections are always imperative :)

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Lincolnton, NC to participate in their annual downtown Art Crawl.  I am beyond excited! Such a sweet opportunity and I am so grateful to be able to participate. I'll be located in a wonderful floral/gift shop called the Salty Petal. I think that my art will fit right in there :)

Also, I will be participating in a "blog hop" collaboration next week with a blogger that I just adore- Bonnie Christine!  Check back for a fun project using her gorgeous fabrics and ribbons next Friday! 

After the Art Crawl this weekend, I will have some new paintings and notecards to add to my etsy shop so be on the lookout for some exciting updates :) 

Monday, February 16, 2015


Hello everyone! It's been quite a while since I've updated my blog, so I wanted to share some updates with you all! I've taken some time off from blogging in order to keep up with my new etsy shop and it has been a wonderful adventure and challenge for sure! 

If you haven't already visited, my "Bee Always Blooming" shop sells inspirational prints as well as greeting cards and notecard sets! 

Many of you have supported me through encouraging words and by purchasing some of my artwork and I can't thank you enough! It means the world to me to be able to share my art with a larger audience and to continue to grow as an artist and small business owner as well. Everyone's continued support gives me the opportunity to spread my colorful art and inspirational messages into the world to people who need it most. I pray over this art business daily and hope to use my talents and dreams to show people love and fill your homes with unique beauty! 

Being an etsy shop owner has proven to be very fun and exciting but also brings along the challenges of painting more often and with more intention, working with customers on special projects and custom requests (which I love to do-contact me with your ideas!), and figuring out marketing strategies and the technology needed to do so (which means lots of research for me to do!)  It also takes lots of confidence to market for myself and showcase my art on a daily basis to people so I often have to take my art's advice! :)

I am so thankful for those of you who follow my artistic journey through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest as well.  These are all avenues I use to share my newest projects, inspiration, and items for sale and I love your feedback!  Instagram is becoming increasingly more popular for me as I have reached over 600 followers this week, how exciting! There is a welcoming community of creators and artists to communicate with on all three of these avenues which is definitely so very helpful. 

I absolutely love being a part time artist (I stay busy with my other two part time jobs, too!) and hope to be able to be a full time artist one day and teaching lessons as well (staying hopeful!) so I am so very thankful for each and every one of you who believe in my dream! :) 

xo, Bethany Joy