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Welcome to my blog!  I'm excited for this opportunity to share my passions with you all.  I'm Bethany Joy, and this blog is dedicated to my artwork, crafts, and inspiration that will hopefully help you all "bloom" in your creative lives as well! 

Growing up, I would spend hours coloring, painting, and making crafts from anything I could find.  I just loved to create, and still do!  Here's a picture of the first time I was introduced to painting- I was just so happy and messy (not much has changed)! 

Creating beautiful art has always been a passion of mine, however, I didn't begin studying fine art seriously until college.  I attended Brevard College with the intentions of becoming a photographer, however, I ended up falling in love with painting all over again instead.  

So, I concentrated on painting as my major and obtained my K-12 Art teacher licensure as well.  (Teaching has always been a passion of mine too!  Currently, I tutor at a local elementary school, work with students through the Migrant Education Program, and am a second grade teacher at the Boys and Girls Club which I love!)  Also, working on my teacher licensure required me to get to know a little bit about all different types of fine art- photography, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, and art history in addition to painting which is very useful! 

You'll find that my absolute favorite things to paint and photograph are flowers!

I just love all types of flowers as they have been a vital part of my growing up and gardening with my grandfather.

**Read more about why flowers are an important aspect of my art here: ready to bloom!

I'll share my flower inspired paintings throughout my blog :) 

In addition to creating art and crafts as well as teaching, I love to spend time with my wonderful family, sweet friends, and my amazing boyfriend!  

I look forward to working with you all, thanks for visiting my blog!

"God will yet fill your mouths with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy!"  Job 8:21

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