Monday, January 5, 2015

Follow Me!

Happy Monday everyone!  I have been happily and busily painting smaller paintings to (hopefully!) be made into prints for sale soon.  I sure am excited for the new possibilities that this year holds!  

In an attempt to grow my online art and blogging business, I have been added to a new group Pinterest board that you'll find here.  This is a popular "Creative Inspiration" board for all of you who enjoy crafts and DIYs.  

As I'm sure many of you have discovered, I am definitely a huge Pinterest fan and user--feel free to follow me via my Pinterest social icon or here for additional inspiration!  I'm excited to be a Pinner to this group board  and hope you all will find it useful to follow as well. Thanks to Amy for this sweet opportunity! 

Also, here's a couple of "sneak peaks" of some of my newest paintings, trying out some new techniques! Stay tuned for updates!! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook as well for more updates on my art :) 

Thanks y'all and much love! 

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