Monday, July 28, 2014

mixed media blooms

These paintings are so much fun to create and, they are ready for new homes! Using photo transfers from personal garden photos, pages from old books, pencil markings, and brightly colored oil paint allow me to get back into mixed media mode of creating art (and I just love it so much). Each painting surface is hand stretched and primed canvas covering wood with a picture hanger on the back.

"Be Always Blooming" is 2in x 33in and includes bright blues, greens, yellows and neutral colors. $30

"Do Everything in Love" is 2.5in x 36in and includes bright pinks, yellows, greens, and neutral colors. $40

"Art Colors Life" is 3.5in x 36in and includes bright reds, blues, yellows and neutral colors. $50

Anyone interested in purchasing one of these unique paintings can feel free to contact me via blog, email, or facebook! Thanks y'all :) 

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